Scoping/Stakeholder Mapping

This stage involves an assessment of the fishery against the Marin Trust Standard which identifies gaps between the current performance of the fishery and that desired to meet the standard. Completing a Marin Trust pre-assessment is one of the preliminary steps in the FIP process. The pre-assessment is a confidential report prepared by an independent certifier to assess where the fishery stands in regards to meeting the Marin Trust standard. This initial report tells the fishery if it is ready to enter Marin Trust full assessment and might provide guidance for how to get ready for full assessment. The Stakeholders are selected to participate in the project. Stakeholder mapping is the essential first step of FIP development. The stakeholder mapping process identifies key players who can contribute to the project’s success and highlights areas of interest and influence. Stakeholder mapping can be performed by a consultant or by the FIP team. Parties who will play an essential role in making improvements in the fishery include government representatives, industry (fishers, processors, exporters, etc.), environmental NGOs, and the scientific community. The development stage includes: a fisheries pre-assessment, a scoping document completed by a consultant trained to apply the Marine Trust standard, and a stakeholder mapping and engagement process.


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