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Omega Fishmeal and Oil Private Limited is one of the largest fish meal manufacturers & exporters of Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra in West Coast of India. CPF India Private Limited is a multinational conglomerate and largest shrimp feed producer in India Both Companies proudly launch this Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) for Indian oil sardine & Indian Mackerel in 2017.
The launch of FIP Project will focus on Indian Oil Sardine & Indian Mackerel in West Coast of India, confine to the coastal belt of Goa and Maharashtra. It aims to improve efficiency of fishery management, governance, environment responsibility and transparent traceability of fishery products throughout the supply chain, promoting sustainability in fishery products to meet International standards.
TJ Marine Products Pvt Ltd is also one of largest fish meal manufacturers & exporters of Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, has joined this FIP later in 2022.

About Fip

Fishery Improvement Project


What is FIP

Fisheries Improvement Project is multiple fishery stakeholders initiatives including processing plants, fishers, the private sector, fishery management authorities , researchers, and NGOs that aim to improve the sustainability, practices and management of fisheries to meet the standards required by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Marin Trust certifications...


Why We Need FIP

The shrimp feed industry commonly requires fish meal as a key ingredient and wild harvest fisheries remain one of the main sources of fish for fish meal (the other sources being fish processing wastes from aquaculture). Fish sourced from wild harvest fisheries may be used directly as whole fish or indirectly as the by product from fish processing...


The FIP Project

In association with CPF (India) Pvt .Ltd, one of the leading manufacturer of shrimp feed in India and M/s Omega Fish meal and Oil Pvt. Ltd, Ratnagiri one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of fish meal and fish oil from India realized the need and responsibility to conserve natural resources by improving the efficiency of fisheries management...


Objectives Of FIP

Generally, FIPs are a means to improve the environmental, economic and social performance of fisheries through achieving the following

  • Implementation of effective fisheries management that protects fish stocks, allocates catches in a fair and equitable manner and protects the wider marine ecosystem.
  • Suitable monitoring, compliance and surveillance system (including traceability measures) that reduces IUU fishing and protects those that respect the rules.
  • Creation and dissemination of publicly available information that helps fishery stakeholders and managers to understand how the fishery is performing and enables them to make timely decisions.

objectives of Indian oil sardine & Indian Mackerel FIP

  • Fishery products must come from responsible fisheries sources and can be traceable throughout the supply chain.
  • Supply chain must be transparent. Related information shall be clearly communicated among international buyers and all stakeholders.
  • The implementation of effective fisheries management that prevent, deter and eliminate IUU fishing and overfishing as well as the protection of the wider marine ecosystem.
  • The development of a credible monitoring and traceability system that reduces IUU fishing and protects those that respect the rules.


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