Fisheries Improvement Project FOR OIL SARDINE IN INDIA

Objectives and Outcome

Generally, FIPs are a means to improve the environmental, economic and social performance of fisheries through achieving the following:

Implementation of effective fisheries management that protects fish stocks, allocates catches in a fair and equitable manner and protects the wider marine ecosystem.

Suitable monitoring, compliance and surveillance system (including traceability measures) that reduces IUU fishing and protects those that respect the rules.

Creation and dissemination of publicly available information that helps fishery stakeholders and managers to understand how the fishery is performing and enables them to make timely decisions.

Indian Oil Sardine FIP could have the following objectives

To create a stakeholder group of scientists, managers, industry participants (fishing,processing and marketing), community representatives and NGOs who are committed to implement steps to produce a responsibly managed fishery.

To source credible information that helps the stakeholder groups to make decisions in any informed way.

To implement or seek the implementation of actions designed to improve the rehabilitation and long term management of fish stocks.

Ensure that progress is publicly reported in timely and transparent fashion.

Expected outcome

All fish products come from traceable and environmentally responsible sources,

Supply chain transparency and awareness amongst customers, employees and other key stakeholders are to be improved and promoted,

Ability to access supply chains that demand certified material.

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