Fisheries Improvement Project FOR OIL SARDINE IN INDIA


The Indian oil sardine is a important fish for the state of Goa and Maharashtra on the western coast of India. Together with Mackerel, it contributes to about 50% of the total marine fish catch of the state. It is a power packed fish, rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids and is known as the "major livelihood provider" for the Indian traditional fishermen community. It is a small sized pelagic shoaling fish having multiple spawning periods and is easily affected by changes in temperature and other environmental factors.

The FIP is aimed to create sustainable managed fishery, through joint efforts of the Indian government, fishermen community and the oil sardine industry. With IFFO RS certification for the Indian Oil Sardine, fishmeal and fish oil will definitely command a better price in the international market in future.

Considering the view of sustainable fishery, the Government of Maharashtra and Goa are taking initiatives for the implementation of relevant provision in the MFR Act in order to overcome the conflicts between the traditional fishermen and the fishermen employed in mechanized in fishing wessel.

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